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Welcome to GETWORKER
Getworker d.o.o. is a progressive agency that provides employment for workers from Europe and Middle East

We have 5 years of experience working on the Croatian and European market. We have recruited more than 5000 employees and became a trusted partner for 157 businesses
We offer our clients reliable, comfortable and long-term cooperation, which we improve every day. For each worker we offer stability, reliability and social security
Why we are trusted
  • We sign a cooperation contract
  • We search and recruit perfect workers for our clients needs
  • We prepare all necessary documents
  • We benefit our workers
We recruit employees in
Industry expertise
We carefully select partner-employers and we can say with confidence that we cooperate with the most reliable ones in order to provide high quality services and ensure the stability of our employees.
Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance
Metal Industry
We provide our workers with
  • 1
    Official employment
    To work in Europe, we produce a Croatian work and residence permit (for 1 year with further extension).
  • 2
    European Work Experience
    Croatia has been a member of the EU since 2013, for more than ten years their working conditions have met all European standards.
  • 3
    Free housing
    We provide comfortable and free living in houses or apartments for employees. From 2 to 4 people living in one room (depending on the size of the room).
  • 4
    Free catering
    We provide meals one time per day. Delivery can be at lunchtime or in the evening at the accommodation. Workers can choose a compensation of 5 euros for each work day, instead of delivering food.
  • 5
    Workwear and tools
    Workers receive winter and summer uniforms in one set. Tools are provided at the workplace.
  • 6
    Transportation to work
    We provide transportation to and from work by public transport or company car.
  • 7
    Standard medical insurance
    Standard health insurance that covers emergency and visits to the general practician. Optionally, for an additional fee of 10–12 euros per month, you can get full insurance.
  • 8
    Paid vacation
    Paid annual leave of 20 days. The candidate can take the first part of the vacation after 6 months of work, warning 1 month in advance.

    The employee may not use his vacation and, after the ending of the employment contract, receive compensation for each not used vacation day.
  • 9
    Vacation at own expense
    During the year, worker can use 10 days of vacation at his own expense.
  • 10
    Onboarding and adaptation at the workplace
    Together with the worker, we go through the entire process from meeting at the airport, settling in housing and going through all the necessary procedures for employment and finish with an introduction to the workplace.
  • 11
    Full support
    We take care of employees about their comfort in the workplace, solve their work issues, and give advice on solving personal problems, thereby improving their efficiency in the workplace.
Employment process
First conversation with a recruiter
We collect information about personal data, work experience, confirmation of qualifications and diplomas (if available), photos from places of work.
Online or in person interview with HR manager*
We analyze the experience of the worker, specific examples of his behavior in different situations from work. We announce the working conditions and the list of documents required for employment in our company.
Signing a job offer and preparing documents
If the interview with the HR manager is positive, the worker receive and sign the job offer and starts preparing all necessary documents.
Come and work with Getworker
When the documents are ready, our coordinators plan the worker's arrival
*Each candidate is interviewed by an HR manager at our office or online via WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber or other messengers. For groups of candidates, we can conduct a group interview.
Documents for employment
  • Foreign biometric passport
    Рhoto or scan of the first page
  • Certificate of criminal record
    Certified by an apostille and its official translation into English
  • After receiving a certificate of good conduct from the candidate, we submit documents for a work permit. The issuance process, on average, takes 3-4 weeks.

  • The cost of a work permit is 75 euros. After the worker has paid, within 4 days we send a work permit in PDF format for applying for a visa. Together with the work permit, we send a temporary employment contract.

  • After obtaining a visa, we agree on the date of departure to Zagreb, Croatia.
We develop services not only in Croatia, but also in other European countries. We work with candidates from countries: Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan. Furthermore, we are also considering the possibility of recruiting other nationalities.

We are ready to consider cooperation with recruitment agencies by signing an agreement or other options for cooperation convenient for both parties.
Our biggest current projects in Croatia
The main industry:
Electrical installation and construction works
Football Stadium in Osijek
Office City in Zagreb
Industrial Silo in Rijeka
Residential and Commercial Buildings
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