Official and free employment

Work in Germany:

Production Worker
(car factory)

Salary: € 2700

Hello! We are looking for workers for an automobile factory in Germany (details powder coating and seats assembly). It is possible without any experience. We offer official and free employment. Read the terms and conditions and submit an application. And I will call and tell you about all the details that interest you :)
Ruslan Garasimovych
Recruiting Manager at Getworker
We are looking for:
No experience is necessary - just be ready to learn
To be fast, stress-resistant and accurate
If you have experience in any production, it will be an advantage
Mandatory requirement - understanding of English or German language at a conversational level

Workers duties

Seats assembly: putting together parts of the seats
Powder coating: loading parts into a special powder coating machine. Applying coating yourself if necessary (all protective equipment will be provided)
The work is not physically demanding, but you have to spend the entire working day on your feet
You will learn all processes at the workplace (2-3 weeks of paid training)

Photos from the workplace

We offer:
  • Official employment in Germany
    Since our company is registered in Germany, we make for you a German work permit, bank card, and provide health insurance for free.

    For employment you need to have a passport, European id-card or visa, a certificate of a criminal record and diploma or certificate (depends on the vacancy).
  • Salary 2700 €/month
    The hourly rate is 13.5 €/hour. On average: 2700 € gross per month.

    Indicated salary already includes payment for accommodation, transport, medical insurance and full support of our managers.
  • Work schedule
    Mon-Thurs - 9 hours, Fri - 6 hours, Sun - 9 hours, Sat - day off.
    There are day and night shifts.

    On average: 190-210 hours/month.

  • Free housing
    Comfortable accommodation with all necessities. Rooms are suitable for 4 people.
  • Personal support
    During the entire period of work abroad, you will be in constant contact with your personal Getworker manager. He will help to solve all issues related to life, work, etc.

Examples of housing in Germany

*may be accommodation of a different type, but with identical conditions
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