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Official employment in Europe for residents of Azerbaijan

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We are a Ukrainian-Croatian employment company. For over 5 years we have provided official work in Germany and Croatia for more than 4300 employees from Ukraine and other countries.

Now we offer the same opportunities for the citizens of Azerbaijan!

Why Getworker?

Finding a good job abroad sometimes can be a real challenge. We do everything to make this process as easy and understandable as possible
  • Official employment
    Since we are a Ukrainian-Croatian company, we make a Croatian work and residence permit. For Germany we open a Croatian A1 visa (for 1 year with the possibility of extension) +we provide for free health insurance, bank account, uniform and tools
  • Full support
    During the entire period of employment and work in Europe, you will have a personal Getworker manager. He/She will help solve all issues related to documents, travelling, life, work and even recommend you where to find good halal meat in Germany :)
  • Travelling to Europe
    We will help you get to Europe from anywhere in the world! Our managers will find the best routes and book tickets. Our company even covers part of the ticket price!
  • Exceptional living conditions
    Don't worry about housing. Our employees live in apartments (1-3 people per room) with everything you'll need and we take care of transportation to the workplace. In Croatia, accommodation is free, and in Germany about 200-300 €/month.

Work in Germany and Europe for citizens of Azerbaijan

What you need to work in Germany or Croatia:
Documents and Visa

To work in Europe, you need a foreign biometric passport and a certificate of no criminal record with an apostille. Since we are a Ukrainian-Croatian company we produce for you a Croatian iD-card and an A1 visa (which allow you stay in Germany continuously for 1 year with further extension. Then you need to get a work visa.

Don't worry, our managers will help you with everything :)

For now, we don't have an office in Azerbaijan and we work remotely, so you need to:
Contact us via application form
Have an online interview with us
Prepare all necessary documents
Come work with us

Worker's reviews about Getworker

Electromechanic in Getworker
I live and work in Germany, in Bavaria thanks to Getworker.
The apartment where I'm living is in a town 15 km from work. Company provided me with a car and refuels it. My work day is about 10 hours a day, from Monday to Saturday. I get paid for every hour.

The workshop is clean and warm, I work in sneakers, pants and a T-shirt. Very comfortable, very clean, there are all the necessary tools for work.
This is a very good job. Thank you!
Electrician in Getworker
I am Giorgi from Tbilisi. Right now my team and I are working on the stadium construction in Osijek, Croatia. I really like working here, everything is good. I work here officially, I have all kinds of documents that your company prepared for me. We have a great coordinator Snizhana, she solves all issues. I haven't paid anything for employment except travel. I paid on my own for documents and the company gave it back to me. When I arrived in Croatia, I was met by the company manager, she settled me in apartment. I live with another person in my room. Just excellent conditions. My schedule is 10 hours overall, from 7 am till 5 am. I work among Ukrainians, and they are all good boys.

In Croatia everything is good, beautiful people, beautiful country. Thank you very much!

Metal construction locksmith in Getworker
I got a job as a locksmith thanks to Getworker. I had an online interview. When I was approved for work, all the documents were made: a criminal record certificate, its translation, an invitation to work, and in general the whole package. It was quite cheap.

We flew to Croatia and the coordinator from the company met us and brought us where we are going to live. The next day, I passed a medical examination and got a medical insurance. I got all documents, was taken to the place of work, everything was explained.

I worked in Poland, in the Czech Republic, working here is much better, much more pleasant. And even the attitude of the people, the Croatian leadership towards us, as towards workers from Ukraine, is much better here. All Croats are always smiling. And here, in general, the attitude of people is completely different. After Croatia, I will not go to Poland and the Czech Republic again. So I'm 150% satisfied :)

We have free accommodation and food. Company bring us food once a day, I don't even eat this portion in two times. You come home from work exhausted, and you already have warm food on the table. It's convenient, it's a very big bonus.

I highly recommend this company. I worked in 4 different companies and I can honestly say that this is the best company. Working with normal people, in a normal place, why not? I really recommend it to you guys.
Electrician in Getworker
I have been working for almost six months as an electrician at the ZEP company in the job you suggested. I am very satisfied with my work, I do exactly what I like. We are already finishing the fourth construction site with our team. There was a school, a nursing home and warehouses, as well as the reconstruction of hotels. I mainly worked in Istria (a peninsula in Croatia), now I am in the capital Zagreb.

Photos of our current construction sites

Frequent questions about work

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