Vacancy in Europe (Croatia):

Electrical engineer at construction sites

Hello! We are a Ukrainian-Croatian company, looking for electrical engineers to work on our construction sites in Croatia. We offer official and free employment. Read the terms and conditions and submit an application. And I will call and tell you about all the details that interest you :)
Ruslan Garasimovych
Recruiting Manager at Getworker
With a higher technical education (electrical engineer)
With experience in a similar position from 3 years (independent management of construction facilities)
Familiar with modern regulatory and technical documentation
Ready to get acquainted with the new foreign design standards for electricity in a short time
With experience in the development of project documentation of the electrical engineering part
Knowledge of English (or Croatian) at a conversational level

Responsibilities of an electrical engineer in Croatia

Designing, operating and managing the processes of electricity distribution
Developing project documentation of the electrical engineering part
Designing internal and external power supply networks, distribution devices, transformer stations
Calculating and planning of electrical networks
Controlling the object from the technical part, purchasing necessary materials
Controlling and coordinating the work of electrical installers at the facility
Maintenaning technical documentation

Photos of our construction sites

How does employment works?

To work in Europe, you need a foreign biometric passport and a certificate of no criminal record with an apostille. Since we are a Ukrainian-Croatian company, we make a Croatian iD-card for you, with which you can continuously stay in Croatia for 1 year (with subsequent renewal).

In order to come to Croatia, we send you an official invitation to work on the basis of which you open a visa to Croatia.

Don't worry, our managers will advise you and help you get the necessary documents.

We offer
  • Official employment in Croatia
    We employ in accordance with the official regulations of the Croatian government.
  • Decent salary
    We are flexible in this matter, so at the interview - tell us what salary you expect and we will discuss it.
  • Paid vacation
    All employees are offered 20 days of paid vacation as standard.
  • Free housing in Croatia
    Comfortable accommodation with all amenities. In rooms for 2-3 people, maximum 4 people (significantly larger than the room).
  • Free meals
    You are provided with hearty meals in the workplace.
  • Support coordinators
    During the entire period of work abroad, you will be in constant contact with a dedicated Getworker manager. It will help solve all issues related to everyday life, work, etc.

Examples of housing in Croatia*

*may be accommodation of a different type, but with identical conditions

Work in Europe - Работа в Европе

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